USB Tethering Driver Windows 10 Free Download

Your internet connection is not working- and you want to share your mobile phone’s internet to the computer or Laptop, installed Windows 10 right? The option is obvious, you can go to the USB tethering to connect to the internet simply. But, the problem is despite connecting the phone with a data cable to the computer, USB tethering is not working. This means, your USB tethering Windows driver has stopped working. In this scenario, you will have to update the USB tethering Windows driver. Download the USB tethering driver from the given download link, and update the driver to use the internet.

What is USB tethering?

As I explained, USB tethering is the shortest and safest method to share your mobile’s data to your computer. There are other options as well, Bluetooth tethering, WI-FI tethering, why to go for USB tethering? USB tethering got the fastest speed among the three, and you need to have a USB data cable to get this done.

You need to try to connect the internet with USB tethering, as this is not necessary for your driver will not be working. There is the very rare case when USB tethering driver stops working. And this also worth mentioning, the process for most of the carrier is free of cost.

But, to make it sure, you need to visit the official website of your career and know if there are some charges of it or not. Because in the USA some carriers do charge to provide that facility to the users

How to use USB tethering Driver to share Internet to my Windows 10 computer?

The process is very simple, just follow me

Just pick a USB data cable, try to get the official one, and connect one side of the data cable to the phone, and another side to the computer

  • And head to settings of your phone
  • Ta on more networks -> tethering and portable hotspot
  • In some mobile phone, you may find this option under mobile data or personal hotspot
  • Enable the USB tethering option
  • Now, you can have your data shared, and your mobile phone will be sharing the network connection to the computer.

But, the things are not going as mentioned, and the network is not running on the computer, you need to update the USB tethering drivers on your computer.

There are two options, to update the USB tethering drivers on your Windows computer.

First, the option is to download the Driver downloader the famous driveUSB Tethering driverr updates on the globe.

And install the driver easy application on your computer, and run it on your computer

The driver downloader will find the drivers needed on your computer, and you need to update the driver easily.

But, sometimes driver easy does not grab this driver and provide no option to update the driver.

The second method is simple and easy to follow.

Download the driver from the given download link, we have given you the direct link to download USB tethering driver for Windows 10.

And you head to the control panel-> device manager and tap on the network adapters

Now, go in the remote NDIS based internet sharing driver, and right click onto it.

This will lead you to upload the driver from the computer, or update the driver from the internet, go for the former And upload the driver from the computer; locate the place where you have saved the driver on your computer
And simply allow the driver updating

One thing you should remember, over here you will not find the yellow icon, the message of missing drivers. So, update the driver directly and get the internet shared to your computer.

USB tethering Windows driver features:

USB tethering driver is very necessary if the computer is not getting the internet connection shared from the mobile phone.

  • And to get the internet shared, you need to download the driver
  • USB tethering is the best option to share the internet with the computer
  • And it makes your computer recognize the data network coming from the computer
  • With getting the data shared, your mobile phone power will drain out, and you need to connect it to the charger.
  • You also can the other options, the Bluetooth tethering, and Wi-Fi tethering.

So, download USB tethering Windows 10 driver from the given download link. And if you further face any issue in making this out, comment down in the section.

You can do updates automatically with the help fo driver update tools. So using the driver downloader you can do it right and fix the issue.

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