USB Serial Port Driver Windows 32 | 64 Bit Free Download

USB serial port driver: Did you find yourself in hot waters when trying to connect the phone to the computer? This happens to me every time, whenever I try to connect my cellular phone to Windows 7, 8, 10 computers. And every time I stop myself from breaking the screen of the phone, as it is really a hiccup. Today, I am going to elaborate on why this does happen and by following which process, you can get rid of this problem.

What is the USB serial port driver?

You know the ports on your computer, where you insert the third-party devices and storages, like USB, mobile phone, and others.

In Windows when you connect the computer to the internet, by default the driver should be installed. But, for the old versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 especially 64 Bit / 32-BIT computer. Sometimes you have to update the computer with the right drivers manually

Like, you need to get the right files of the drivers and make them install properly and check from your computer if the right drivers have properly installed.

We here are going to provide you with the drivers, USB Serial Port Driver Windows. You just tap the download button and get the drivers on your computer, and keep reading to get them installed.

Install USB serial Port Drivers on Windows:

The file what you get from our servers will hold a setup folder and files, from where you can install the right drivers on your computer.

I assume you have gotten the right drivers, and now we go forward to get them installed on the computer.

Unzip the file, as the file will be in zipping and you need to extract the file from the zip.

Extract the files to the desktop

And locate the setup file on your computer.

The installation of the driver just needs your little attention, nothing more.

And by following the screen commands, you can get the drivers installed safely

Now, restart the computer, and see if you have installed the right drivers according to your computer.

To check this, you will have to go in Device Manager Portion.

  • Go to control panel of your computer
  • Go to the Hardware and sound portion
  • And check the device manager option
  • Tap this option, and scroll down a little
  • And see the USB serial port driver
  • Tap it on, and it will extend the files of USB serial port

You can check from that portion, either the driver has installed or not.

USB Serial Port Driver Windows 32 | 64 Bit Free Download

If there is a yellow icon on any of the drivers, you did not get the right drivers, or they have just not installed properly.

And if there is not a yellow icon, you have installed the right drivers.

Install driver from device manager section:

You can directly install the given driver from the device manager portion.

From the device manager section, you can upload the driver, just follow me

Now, I assume, you do know how to check the drivers

You have reached to the device manager and USB serial port driver.

You should right-click on the driver, USB serial port driver

And should go to the update driver from the computer, for MediaTek chipset devices go and check MTK USB driver.

Locate the place where you have stored the driver on your computer

And upload the driver, from there

And your computer will start installing the driver from that way.

In this process, you will no longer be unzipping the folders and files, direct upload and get the job done.

After restarting the computer, you can see the yellow icon which was there before installing or uploading the driver disappears.

Features of USB Serial Port driver for Windows

Genuinely these drivers and package of software should come with the Windows.

And in the latest version of Windows, you can see the drivers automatically get installed. Either is the WI-FI driver, Bluetooth driver or touchpad drivers. You have no need to install them manually, but for the older version of Windows, you will have to bear a headache.

Now, when you have installed the right drivers on your computer, you can see the cellular phone or Android phone is being connected to your computer easily.

You will not face any issue with the device not found

Now, you can share any data with your mobile phone and computer and can make your mobile phone’s data in the right order.

Even share the internet connection to your computer and sync your mobile phone’s data with the computer.

If you want to get the latest firmware installed on your phone, go ahead and you will get no issue of connection with the computer

Root your Android phone using the computer

And much more

So, this is the right time, get the drivers from the given download link and install them on your computer safely.

Download for Windows 7 and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)

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