Nokia 225 Flash File Free Download for Windows

Download Nokia 225 flash file and let’s flash it with new or custom firmware. Whenever any mobile phone like Nokia is flashable. You just have to get the right flashing files for that concern device. If you have the Nokia model 225 with RM-1011 and want to flash it, then you are in the right place.

The Nokia 225 mobile phone is initially released in 2014 and still in to provide its services. Thousands of people were using this particular phone and enhancing the user experience day by day. Once you got you are using it for years with no software update of flashing. But due to the regular usage, you need to b work on it. After the long working period, several phones become slower and slower.

Why Nokia 225 needs flash:

Flashing is necessary when your phone goes slow down while surfing. Sometimes it may be hand and stop continue the task which currently performs. And also the software of your Nokia is on his way to being updated in time.

So if you got these problems with your Nokia 225. Then we are just here presenting the Nokia 225 flash file. This flash file is working to create your new firmware and apply it to the phone on the go. This flash will give a new life to your phone and it is now working faster than ever.

Download Nokia 225 Flash file:

Now you are going to download the Nokia 225 flash file with its original version of capability. These files we are sharing on our website are 100 % pure and safe to download. The workability is very strong and always gives you positive results.

File information:

Name: Nokia 225 Flash file/firmware

Size: 10.3 MBs

Format: RAR / ZIP

Version: v30.06.11

This Nokia model 225 has an MTK based CPU installed on its motherboard. So it almost using the firmware and USB drivers in the category or Mediatek phones. So you can also manage the stock Roms with these latest flash files for this Nokia device.


Flashing is voiding the current warranty on your phone. If you are not an expert on flashing the especially the Nokia phones. Then the result is good either bad according to your way of work. It may sometimes damage your phone so do it at your own risk.

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Download > Nokia 225 Flash file RM-1011

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