How To Use Android Multi Tools

How to use Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools is one of the most used, featured and top-rated Android tools. Here we are going to discuss how to use Android multi Tools to perform different tasks. The tool is quite famous for solving a variety of errors which hunts the Android phones down. The feature which made the tool apple of the service providers, to remove the Android phone’s pattern, by having this installed on Windows computer, one can easily break the pattern lock of the phone. If you a beginner user of the tool, and do not know much about handling the different functions, keep reading, you will get to know the inch and squares of it.

Before going further and unveiling the use of the tool, you need to check either you have updated the driver. If not, then download Multi-tools driver and install them on Windows computer.

Follow these steps quite easily and watch the video below:

  • Download Android Multi Tools from this download link
  • And hope you will go through the installation process safely
  • Now, launch it on your Windows computer
  • You will get a new screen there, with lots of options
  • Do not get confused, you just focus on your problem, and see the concern option to that
  • Example, if you want to remove the FRP lock of the phone, see the lock remove options
  • If you want to remove the pattern lock of the phone (50 % of Android multi Tools users only use the tool to remove the forgotten lock pattern)
  • Connect the phone’s end with the computer using a data cable

And tap on the lock removal option, Within few minutes you will see the phone’s lock and unlock it.

How to use Android multi tools

The tool can also be used to get other problem fixed. Like, to flash the Android phone with the stock ROM or Custom ROM. Or to install the latest updates for the Android phone, unlocking Gmail account, and other issues with urge you to visit the service center.

This is the short video shows that how to use Android Multi Tools for mobile pattern unlock within a minute. Let’s have a look at this before going to download Android multi-tools.

While flashing or rooting for the Android phone, using Android Multi-tools you need to be extra careful and make a backup copy of the phone’s storage.

Anyhow, that’s all we know about how to use Android Multi Tools. We have given you the download link of Android Multi-tools along with the drivers. Just click on the download link above and get it on your Windows computer.

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