Apple iphone PC Suite Software Free Download for Windows

If you are using iPhone, you would have known that connecting iPhone to a PC is not as easy as connecting Android to a PC. There are some built-in protocols in Windows which helps Android to connect to PC. Same not in the case of iPhone. But, today’s topic will shed light on how one can connect iPhone to PC, using iPhone PC Suite. This Apple PC Suite connect is here by the officials of iPhone. Here almost the third-party developers put their hands in it. Very easy, extensive, adorned and with lots of tools. So many features, and functions to cater to the needs of iPhone. For communicating with the Windows PC, you just tap the download button. Install it on your computer, and connect your iPhone to that PC. Explore all the hidden features of iPhone, update the iOS, install the recommended updates and much more.

Before this, you had used iTunes to sharing data from one side of the data cable to another side. But, in iTunes. There were some limitations, and restrictions, which were compelling others to develop a piece of software. Which can remove all the loopholes and limitations in iTunes, It should be like iTunes modifications or iTunes additions. Will create a backup of the data, iOS SMS, iOS contacts, videos, music all will back up, having iTunes and saved in the Windows computer using a USB cable. Synchronize the files from iTunes Library and send from iPhone to the Windows computer with great easiness and smoothness. You can have a transfer of the data in between of the devices, from iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPod, iPod to Mac and vice versa. All the data will be sync easily, without of any physically sending the data, cloud services will be used. And the data will be on every device.  Even the setting and browsing habits will be same on the edge of every device. Anyone can use each device with the same browser, bookmarks, tabs, saved pages, history, calendars, alarms, email, clouds and much more.

Features of iPhone PC Suite:

  • As you have gotten the idea about the tools which are adorned with this little piece of software. You can have all these with just one tap of the finger. The data which will be on your iPhone will be showing on the desktop Windows with organized tabs and graphical presentations.
  • You can manage your all data of iPhone, iPod, iPad; create new folders, relative to your file, but the relative images and attachments in this folder
  • Backup all the data available for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, all the messages, contacts, clouds, playlist, files will be saved and back up
  • Facility of Vcard option, which will save the contact data for you in that, and will back up, you, will be able to save that Vcard on your Windows PC.
  • Option of converting files from one format to the other format, to send from one device to the other device
  • Compatible with iOS 11 iOS 10 and all the previous models and devices of Apple corporations

Now you can download iPhone PC Suite from the link below, tap the download button to get the file. If the link is not working or showing some error, please comment down in the section, so that we could fix the issue as soon as possible.

Download for MAC

Download >> for Windows

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