Android Multi Tools v1.02b Free Download (Latest 2020)

Today we are going to share “Android Multi Tools” free for Android smartphones and tablets. Do you know about 50% of the people who forget the pattern of the mobile phone, install new software? They erase all the data, all the contacts saved onto the phone, the media files, the photos and much more other important data. There should be a tool, which could remove the lock pattern, without installing new software on the phone, without removing the data saved on the phone’s storage.

Today, we are going to provide Android Multi Tools, which will remove the lock pattern, plus will provide the additional features. Like, get to know the basic info on the device, apps information, backup of the phone, installing stock firmware files and many more other features.

What is Android Multi Tool?

This is a multi-purpose tool, which is developed to be installed on the Windows computer. And can process and solve the issue related to Android mobile phones.

Like you want to flash the mobile phone, go ahead use the right side of this tool, install updates related to new features of the phone, flash the ROM, get the root permission of the Android phone, and get other more additional features of it.

Android Multi Tools is like a one-stop-shop for the Android user, by having this tool installed on your Windows computer. You have no need to visit the service center to resolve any problem with your Android phones.

unlock pattern android
Unlock the Pattern Lock of your Android Device

Unlock the locked pattern of the phone:

So, in this post, you will read how to unlock the lock pattern of any android phone you are using.

Download Android multi-tools from the given download link. We already have given you the link, just tap on the download button and if the link does not work, please do comment in the section.

Install the files on your Windows computer, remember the tool is only developed for Windows users, for Mac or Unix users, the tool just not works. Launch the tool on your computer. Connect the one side of the data cable to the phone, and the other side of the computer

Remember to update the USB drivers for your computer. The MTP driver though comes default on Windows, but sometimes they just do not work. So, get the drivers related to your Android phone, chose to get the latest version of it

And tap on tools options, Click on the remove lock pattern option which will be given on the right of the Tools options

And within a few minutes, you will get the phone removed to the block pattern.

You even can go with the read lock pattern, or bypass the lock of the phone, chose which one you like

In that way, you can choose any of the options, like get to know the basic info on the phone. Install the firmware files on the phone, or create the partitions of the phone and much more.

Hisuite for Windows

To install the flash files or installing the firmware on your phone, you need to create the backup of the phone. Because, the firmware installation can lead you to a dead-end, and you may lose the data by doing this.Android Multi Tools

Features of Android Multi Tools:

Android Multi Tools is one of the best tools to get the job accordingly.

  • By getting this on your Windows computer, you can fix any error on your mobile phone.
  • Unlock the lock pattern of the mobile phone
  • Read the info on the phone, basic info or general info
  • Directly go into the fast boot mode
  • Wipe the data off; you have no need to install custom recovery TWRP.
  • Rest your Android phone setting in a matter of second
  • Bypass Gmail account of the phone

Install the latest firmware files of your Android mobile phone

The tool is compatible with the Windows all versions (Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8)

The tool really provides some impressive features, the features which can help to save you your money by not visiting the service center.


So, download this tool from the given download link, the link is already here. Just tap on the download button and get it on your computer. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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