Android Emulator for MAC & PC Free Download

Android Emulator for PC & MAC

Do you want to install Android on your Desktop PC Windows or Mac OC computer? Do you want to have the taste of the widespread OS on your computer, and want to play some wonderful games which only come for Android phones? What is the reason, you need to have emulator software, which will let you have an experience of OS within an OS. But, you need to have one thing very clear, you should not go with the paid Android emulator for Mac. You should not go with the premium Android emulator for PC there are dozens of software which offers you the free services. But, you will have to compromise somehow and keep a close eye to the emulator, that comprise should not be your security.

Best Android Emulator to work with

Android OS and Mac OS are totally different systems, and the language in which they both have written also on 180-degree angle, but the emulator will create the artificial environment for you to get your hands on the tasks for which you are sacrificing so much in terms of speed and efficiency of your machine, as Emulator takes so much of power and energy.

1) Bluestack Android emulator

I would say, Bluestack is the epitome of Emulator. This is one of that emulator which has become the household names. That is the reason, Bluestack is at the top of the list, and it really deserves this place.

Very easy to install, very easy to set-up and up till now, 130 million users have gotten this application to run for emulation.

Layercake technology based the application got the graphics to play an intense game, and one of the finest application to emulation you could grab is Bluestack.

This application comes into existence with the collaboration of Samsung, Intel, and Qualcomm, now they are focusing on emulation other than Android as well.

2) Genymotion 

Another good choice, a sophisticated choice, but the trial version does not offer you much of the application, and you will have to pay through your nose to get the premium features of it.

But, the application loaded with tons of features. Like when it gets launched, it promotes to put the device name what you want to have on your PC and MAC.

You can select any device and Android version to run on the computer, but keep in mind, the higher version it becomes, the more difficult it goes to get the files downloaded.

Like, if you put Google Nexus the device and Android Oreo the version, you will have to wait for ages to get it installed on your phone.

So, only go with the basic Android phones and Android version to get better speed and efficiency.

3) Droid 4X

If you want to play Android games on your Mac and PC computer, and just want to get the only thing done, Droid 4X will be the ultimate choice for you.

The utmost controls of the game controller, and with the keyboard extra feature and ultimate gaming experience. This Android emulator for Mac and PC desktop stand out in the massive crowd.

The speed is more than OK, you can have your desired application installed by searching through the search bar given, and drag and drop feature of the emulator makes it simpler and offers a wide range of functions.

4) AndyRroid

Another new emulator which came in the market very late after the mentioned Android emulator, but, due to its remote control gaming features, and customer support, this emulator made its place in the market and emerged as a winner.

You can match with the hardware compatibility of the Mac and PC before getting this installed on your computer. Very easy to install and open GL hardware supports makes this emulator one of the best choice.

If you want to test your apps or want to have more Android apps on your computer for more than one reason, you should get your hands on this emulator.

5) YouWave 

Another great Android emulator to install on a PC computer with much ease and without any hiccup

Youwave possesses near the perfect functionality of what an Android emulator should be like.

It uses Oracle Virtual Box binaries to experience a perfect operating system.

The interface of this emulator is the core of the heart; it has been designed in a way that a common people who is not a tech-savvy would be using with much ease.

But, you will have to pay to get the resources available on the platform, and you only can get it free for ten days.

So, these are the best Android Emulator for Mac and also for your PC system. Hope you would like them, and chose one to get on your MacBook and PC computer to emulate Android.

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